Changes In Dante's Inferno

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Journeys can be taken many ways; some people take the path less traveled, and some people take the easy way out. Dante happens to be on a journey that is less traveled by exploring the depths of Hell in the Inferno. The epic poem’s story is about self-realization and transformation; it sees Dante over coming many things to realize he is completely different from the start of the inferno journey. From the beginning to the end of the book Dante starts having a personality change from the way he acts towards people; realizing that his true self is much less sympathetic towards people who deserved to be punished. Another personal change was due to, Dante seeing many high religious characters in hell that change Dante’s outlook on religious views …show more content…
Eventually, the pity Dante held for the people sentenced to the inferno started to deteriorate as Virgil took Dante further into hell. Even when people started to talk to him, he felt as if they deserved everything they were receiving in Hell. At one point in canto VII Dante even pushes a person back into the pit they came from. It is easily seen that Dante stops caring and sympathizing with the people in the inferno is when he was is in the ninth circle and second ring of hell. Dante is talking to Ugolino as he tells a sad story as to how he and his sons died. Dante, though doesn’t really respond at first and states that Ugolino deserves what he has received. Dante also says “you the scandal of the peoples of that fair land where si is heard, because you and your neighbors are so slow to punish you” (Canto XXXIII; 79). Dante sates this just before he changes the topic with Ugolino about finding Virgil. By Dante doing this it shows that he has become less inclined to feel sympathy to the people in hell, because Dante does not talk about how he feels bad for Ugolino, or that he feels that Ugolino was wrong. This change in Dante’s personality is just the start in Dante’s overall change of becoming a different person through his

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