Essay Comparing The Odyssey And O Brother Where Art Thou

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Carl H-Block
Final Draft
What Can We Compare?
How does one thinks about the similarity between two completely different worlds? One world is a movie with a hero who just broke out of jail and has encounter bullets everywhere during fighting scenes. Politicians with their unbearable argument also took place in this story. Another world has a hero who just came back from the greatest battle of his life fighting against the Trojans. Gods with godlike power play a major role and the hero is also the mastermind who can critically think through all problems. Both stories have similar goals; the two protagonists want the warmth of their female companions and the embracement of their family. “The Odyssey” and the “O, Brother- Where Art Thou?” both have patterns of the epic genre despite the smallest similarity or difference changes between the
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Right after he fought in the Trojan War, he and his crew set out to return to Ithaca. He has the wits and brute strength that helped him overcome many obstacles that get in his way. In addition he received the assistance from the gods and his companions on his journey home. As we all know “Nobody is perfect”, Odysseus tends to show a weaker side later on in the story. He also has a thirst for fine women. Due to this weakness Odysseus ended up delaying his trip home for a whole year at Circe’s Island. He also underestimates the Cyclops by greeting the Cyclops in a proper manner when he arrives back to his cave. Because of this, the Cyclops was able to trap them and it was their first barrier that he had cause for his whole gang. His companions turned against him, yet he stands unchanged. On the good side, he did save his companions by blinding the Cyclops’s eye however the reason his companions were trapped in the first place was because of his pride that he should property greet the owner of the

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