Analysis Of Concerning Violence By Frantz Fanon

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Lecture 11
Frantz Fanon, “Concerning Violence”

This reading is about the colonies, and it mostly focuses on the Decolonization. It defines the colonies as replacing one type of mankind with another. Decolonization is a historical process and it is deeply rooted in people history and beliefs. The Decolonization process always happens with violence. One of the examples for Decolonization is the separation of the United States from the Britsh colony. lots people lost their lives in does wars till the US got the declaration of independence. one of the reasons colonies failed was the fact that the new settlers always were in charge. They would not make their decisions based on the native people needs and demands. This chapter will show us the dark
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It starts by defining the meaning of the flat world. a flat world means a world that is super-connected and hyper-globalized. This super-connected world came with a price. The world became a playing felid for the nations. Also, more people are losing their job as more people have the opportunity to learn everything on the internet. Scholars divide the globalization into three part. The first part is 1492-1800. in those years world became medium from large. counties try to gather more info on does age. the second part 1800-2000 world get even smaller from the medium to small. companies start to globalizing for markets and labor. and the last part is 2000- present, size small to the size tiny. all the knowledge in the world connected together during this time. As the technology advances, our world shrinks more. Students from 1960s didn't have access to many resources that we have now. We can find information and data about any subject by basically searching them. It takes less than a second the find an answer to our problems. However, the consequences can be extensive as we progress. every year technology put people out of job and at some point there would be no labor job …show more content…
In prehistory time there was much society but the some of that society survived and we know them today as the western countries. Most of the consequences in western history were predictable but, the scientists had no idea how to stop them. In mid-twentieth century they knew about the effect of carbon dioxide for example but didn't know how to stop it. They came up with ideas like "dilution" that made the situation worse affected the wildlife. after decades in 1992 world nations signed the United Nation Framework convention on climate change (UNFCCC) to prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference. There were different opinions and stands against the UNFCCC. East Asian counties didn't like the UNFCCC because they had to modify their business. Global warming is affecting all the nation-states. However, there is much business like oil industry that tries to ignore the facts. We as the student have to try informed as much as people we can with the available evidence to stop the global warming. Every minute count as the amount of CO2 and greenhouse gases increases by

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