Analysis Of Claude 's Favorite Steakhouse Restaurant Essay

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It was always the Horsehead Casino, specifically Claude’s favorite steakhouse restaurant. It was practically his second home, so no one was surprised when his celebratory party for making Chief of Police was held there. Lunch was served and laughs were had until Claude stood up, clanking on his wine glass to quiet the party.
“It’s been nearly two months since my brother’s unfortunate passing,” he started. “But life must go on. Firstly, I’d like to thank my new wife, Gerty, for being by my side during this transition to Chief of Police.” He paused to place a hand on Gerty’s shoulder, which she leaned into. Her leg hadn’t stopped shaking and within a blink of an eye, he slipped something into her palm. She smiled. “Now let’s get down to business. Little Mickey Fortelli has been causing quite the ruckus after my brother’s death. He seems to believe that our station has been put into a turmoil.”
Murmurs scattered throughout the group.
“Mark my words, Fortelli will find out exactly who he is messing with.” More applause, causing Claude’s nephew and new step-son Hamilton to roll his eyes from the far side of the table. “I hope you’ve enjoyed your meal! I expect everyone to be hard at work tomorrow!”
The group dispersed and Claude paused, discreetly passing a letter to Sergeants Cornelius and Voltemand. “Get these to Fortelli’s people,” He ordered.
The two nodded and slipped out the door. Claude visited with the other sergeants and officers, greeting them with a smile on his face.…

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