Analysis Of Christopher Mccandless Into The Wild

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Christopher McCandless decision of going into the wild was a journey for self- recognition. He was a young individual who went into the wild to find his identity and create a new life for himself. McCandless desired to be an independent young man, but in the process became selfish. Coming from a world where everything was handed to him and he was always being told what to do, McCandless desired to become independent. Going into the wild meant just that for him. After being in the wild for some time, McCandless wrote a declaration of independence where he stated “... And now after two rambling years comes the final and greatest adventure.. to kill the false being within” (163). By going into the wild, McCandless got the opportunity to become who he desired and leave his old-self behind. Leaving civilization and entering an unknown realm, meant that McCandless would have to survive off the land and depend on absolutely no one but himself. McCandless liked this idea because …show more content…
McCandless was courageous in leaving everything behind and starting a new life because that isn’t an easy thing to do. Gallien, one of the people who McCandless met on his journey, stated, “There was just no talking the guy out of it… He was determined… He couldn’t wait to head out there and get started”(6). Although McCandless was not one of the lucky ones to survive, his courage and determination was like no other. He entered the wilderness with minimal supplies and was not prepared to live up to the standards that the wilderness requires, but his determination was extraordinary. Being so determined to get to Alaska and live in the wilderness gave McCandless the courage to not let anything get in the way and he should be admired for that.
McCandless had a unique way of thinking. He saw the world from a different perspective and didn’t agree with most things such as the law. He also wasn’t very fond of human

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