Similarities Between Into The Wild And What I Live

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As a society, we all have obstacles that we face in our lives. A plethora of these headaches and inconveniences cause us to have a longing to flee to a deserted island. These issues leave us aching to take a brain break, be alone and forget about the mass amount of uncertainties in our life. Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer and Where I Lived and What I Lived for by Thoreau, the characters take themselves into the wilderness to escape from the irrelevant and humdrum taking place in their lives. Both readings are quite similar based upon ideas of materialism and nature due to the actions that the characters carry out throughout the story. The two stories are different however due to the nature of the ideas of materialism and nature. Money is a …show more content…
Chris McCandless went into the wild in order to be alone, live off of the land, become one with nature, and experience the great United States for its raw beauty. McCandless was not necessarily trying to escape the world to realize what life meant to him, but purely because he loved it. McCandless never left a footprint anywhere he went that would destroy nature, but simply just to experience new cultures and to live with what nature had to offer him. While living in the Alaskan wilderness, McCandless took what was necessary, including hunting game and picking berries, and left what was not unbothered. However, Thoreau went into the wilderness to get a sense of what life truly meant. He noticed that it does not take long for anyone to fall into the same routines of everyday. The author pointed out that once someone walks a path in the forest so many times, it starts to get worn out just like the lives of many people. They fall back into the same patterns of everyday life, and then they start to get worn out. We must always keep moving to experience all that life has to offer. So, that is why Thoreau moved out into the woods, so he could understand how repetitive life becomes every day and how people do not notice it until they moved and find a new

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