Essay about Analysis Of ' Chew ' By John Locke

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Has one ever asked themselves what is in their food, probably not, and the answer to why not is very simple, as a society we don 't want to know what is in our food and how it was made. Overtime someone bites into a hamburger, one is eating hundreds of cow meat grinding up, mixed with some preservatives, and all nicely topped off with chemicals to kill of the Escherichia coli, but to most it is just a cheeseburger. In John Layman’s “Chew," the lead character, Tony Chu, has the power to see everything that has been put into his food and everything one and thing that has touched it. Could one imagine having Tony’s power; does one think that after knowing whats in ones food, we as a society would be able to eat the same food or would ones perception of food change? Everyday as Americans, we consume food from grocery stores to fast food chains and yet one isn 't better than the other, because most people don 't know what is in the food one is eating. Nowadays most food is not what it seems; a food label may say organic or produced on a farm, when in reality it is not. Most food today is made in a factory, from animals that are feed incorrect diets and are treated inhumanly, but yet one still thinks made on a farm. The harsh truth about this is that most Americans don 't want to know and frankly don 't care where their food comes from, which has allowed for these big food companies to stop caring about their products and just about profit. For

Tony Chu, he does not have the…

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