Analysis Of Bruce 's ' Father Asks The Question, And Why Do We Fall '

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Bruce’s father asks the question, “And why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.” This quote describes Bruce’s leadership perfectly. Throughout the movie, he is forced to overcome many obstacles, as most hero’s do, and though he finds success most times, he does fail from time to time. To me, leadership is best shown by example and this is what Bruce does best throughout the movie. Bruce’s dynamism is constantly on display and I believe that is what makes him such a strong leader. Growing up an orphan definitely changed his view on the world and instilled in him, a strong moral and ethical code. It’s easy for people to lose track of who they really are when they have two identities, but Bruce does an excellent job of not giving in to the ethical challenges of leadership. In particular, he does a great job of controlling the challenges of responsibility, power, privilege, loyalty, and consistency. The first challenge, responsibility is a major factor in Bruce’s daily life. At a young age his parents were murdered in cold blood right in front of him. This would be a terrible thing to encounter, but young Bruce understands that he needs to take responsibility for himself now. Although he had Alfred, his personal butler, he still needed to go to school and participate in activities that made him feel as normal as he could. At such a young age, he didn’t know that he was going to become a powerful superhero and save the city of Gotham. After he started to…

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