Essay about Analysis Of Antigone By William Shakespeare

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The excerpt from Antigone is very valuable because it can be used in our everyday life. If you make a mistake own up to it , don’t act like you don’t realize your fault. In Antigone , Creon was really arrogant and he didn’t want to listen to anyone’s advice , and so him not heeding wise words people ended up dead. Now something like that probably won’t happen if you’re being stubborn , or arrogant but that doesn’t mean something bad might not happen. For example ; My brother left his plate out on the table in our living room , so I told him he should throw it away but he didn’t he just said “ It’ll be fine.” A few minutes later my dad comes in and starts scolding him about his plate , instead of responding the way he did he should have just took my advice and threw the plate away.

Its funny how Creon was too arrogant to even listen to his son’s advice because he was to “young to know anything” , even though he was just praising his son and saying how good their father-son relationship was. The irony of it is ,if he took Haemon’s advice his son , and his wife would be alive. Not to say that having a little bit of pride isn’t a good thing. Because a little bit of pride can go a long way. There is no need to over do it though and become high and mighty thinking you’re hot stuff and you know everything. Which I’m pretty sure is how Creon felt.

If you think about it though Creon has a (somewhat) good excuse , he was King. Whatever he says goes , and if you defy him you…

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