Analysis Of Andrew Goltra 's Presentation Essay

899 Words Mar 5th, 2016 4 Pages
My outside speaker critique I attended a class where my introduction to supply chain management professor brought in Andrew Goltra who is currently the Director of Merchandising at ULine. Andrew’s presentation took about an hour or so. Andrew Goltra was a very good speaker, but there was definitely some room for improvement based off what I have learned about with presentation best practices. I could have a long list of both good and bad aspects during his presentation, but for the sake of this assignment I’m going to focus on five aspects from his speech that involved both good and bad practices. The pros of Andrew Goltra’s presentation include: how he established his credibility, usage of visual aids, and his delivery; The cons of the presentation were his introduction and the organization of his PowerPoint and overall the content of his presentation. To begin, Andrew did a lot of things correctly and gave an overall great presentation and speech. It successfully included many of the basic requirements we have discussed in class involving practices/etiquette for presentations. Andrew did very well for establishing his credibility for both himself and ULine. He first discussed his background and his education. He mentioned that he received his masters in business at Northwestern. As a top ranked university that turned a lot of heads in the room. He then explained what his position was at ULine. As the Director of Merchandising he is the individual uncharged of all of the…

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