Analysis Of ' An Interview With Lucas ' Essay

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An Interview with Lucas
Depression has affected the lives of countless people in this world, and it continues to affect countless more each day. These people, though ridden with extreme suffering, are sometimes the most amazing and sincere you will ever meet. Lucas is a man I’ve known since I was 5, and I have seen him go through one of the roughest types of depression. What follows is and interview and an attempt to dive into the mind of the depressed and consequently, find out the ways one might fight this disease.

Anthony Roybal: “Since this is one of my first formal interviews can I just get you to state your full name for me please?”
Lucas Pippitt: “Lucas Michael Pippitt”
Roybal: “Would it be pretty fair to state that I probably know you better than most people?”
Pippitt: “Oh yes, I’m pretty sure you know me better than anyone else does”
Roybal: “I want to focus on your depression as well as your past drug usage. When would you say your battle with depression initially began? Would you say you are still fighting it?”
Pippitt: “It started maybe when I was about ten years old. It wasn’t super strong at first but definitely progressed, and yes in a way I battle it every day. I’ve just become stronger than it at the moment so it’s not that hard of a battle.”
Roybal: “You’ve tried several forms of therapy and medication, correct?”
Pippitt: “Yes sir I have”
Roybal: “Would you consider your past addictions to also be a form of self-medication in your battle?”
Pippitt: “Oh…

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