Analysis Of Amy Tan 's Poem, Mother Tongue, And English Lover

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Without language the world would be a dull and morose place. Language allows us to expression ourselves. People create a reputation with the words they say, but reputations should not be solely based on which words someone uses, how they say them, or if those words are correct according to his high school English professor. Opinions should be based on passion in their voice. Language should be loved, and not ridiculed if a person sounds “funny.” Through “Mother Tongue,” Amy Tan appeals to people looking in a disdainful manner upon people with a “broken” language. She forms an extolling tone towards language to attempt to teach others to be more welcoming to different cultural barriers in our language.
The very first sentence of Amy Tan’s essay in her exploration on language, she does not qualify herself as an English scholar, but and English lover. She juxtaposes herself in most people’s eyes throughout the entirety of the essay by proving her intelligence. She implies herself to be a humble and trustworthy person by incorporating the lines, “I am not a scholar of English or literature. I cannot give you much more than personal opinions on the English language and its variations in this country or others,” (Tan para 1). Throughout the opening she employs a strong word choice juxtapose her claim that she is not English scholar. She wants to place herself as an ordinary person in order to relate more closely to the audience. Because she is able to contrast her statement of…

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