Oil And Water Two Faiths: One God: An Analysis

Oil and water are two different concepts that are believed to not mix. Normally, when pouring oil into water or vice versa, the two separates instead of mixing. However, when they do mix, both oil and water complement each other. The concept of the three main religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, can be explained through the idea of oil and water. When these religions mix, they create something special. Each religion has two different ways of viewing God even though it is the same God. In his book Oil and Water Two Faiths: One God, Amir Hussain’s overall purpose is to educate the reader on how both Christianity and Islam complement each other. Amir Hussain gives the readers an insight of how Christianity and Islam correspond with each other. He begins the novel with an explanation of other’s views on Muslims after 9/11. Those who participated in the 9/11 attacks were Muslim and claimed that their attacks were in the name of Allah, or in other …show more content…
Islam is an Arabic word that means “peaceful submission”. Muslims believe that God is the center of all and therefore they must thank him peacefully and devote themselves to God. Muslims, just like Christians, have their main focus on giving themselves to God just as God has done so much. Christianity and Islam, as Hussain explains, also connect with previous stories. Just like Christians have the Bible, Muslims have the Qur’an that reveals God’s truth given to them by Muhammad. In the Qur’an, prophets such as Abraham and Jesus are mentioned along with their stories. For example, according to Hussain, the story of Jesus being burn of a virgin makes him “extraordinary” but not divine (p.55). Therefore, Hussain explains how Muslims have Muhammad who is believed to be the last prophet “who brings God’s final revelation to humanity”. Muhammad is valued by Muslims; they consider him to be a family member who they respect the same way Christians respect

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