Analysis Of ' Alright, Let Talk About Naruto And Empathy Essay examples

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Alright, lets talk about Naruto and empathy. One of the running complaints I most often see, which is partially addressed in my previous essay but I think also can deserve its own, is that somehow Naruto’s failure to understand Hinata’s confession was somehow out of character for him, either because he did understand love before and/or because he’s been shown to have deep emotional intelligence and empathy. However, rather than looking at new information as a way to try to find holes and tear into things, I like to instead take it as a way to reflect back on the story and the character. Indeed, I will make a case here that far from being a retcon, out of character, or making Naruto a bad person or character, it actually increases his character, or at least is entirely in line with his character as its been presented to us.
I have a friend who disagrees with this, I know, and who is a wholehearted NaruHina shipper, but does not really consider the Last as ‘canon’ despite enjoying it because of some of this. Not entirely to change their minds, but admittedly partially, I want to try to lay out why Naruto’s inability to differentiate between various emotions is both fine and indeed even makes sense. The basic principle lies in something I pointed out before: Naruto is an orphan who grew up without love, without friends or parents or anyone. Iruka stepped in later in life, but this was just that, later, and far after Naruto had become, frankly speaking, socially stunted.

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