Analysis Of ' A Very Potter Musical ' Essay

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“A Very Potter Musical” was written and performed in 2009 by StarKid Productions in the University of Michigan campus. At first glance the musical seems like it would be rather interesting purely because it is every Harry Potter dorks dream come true. However, upon further look into the musical people begin to realize that the music isn’t really that great. For a person who does not have a musical background the play is rather enjoyable but when one turns a musical ear to it they want to run the other way. “A Very Potter Musical” presents us with Harry Potter’s second year but contains all of the final scenes from books four, five, six, and seven. Although this helps add lots of action to the story it makes all Harry Potter fans recoil with the sheer amount of inconsistencies because Harry did not live in the cupboard under the stairs in The Chamber of Secrets just for starters. From the announcement of the house cup (“how can it be a tri-wizard tournament if there are four teams”) to the rise of Lord Voldemort and Quirrel (“when I rule the world I’ll plant flowers”) to his fall at the end of the play the musical was full of plenty of cringe-worthy songs and laughter filled moments. “Goin’ back to Hogwarts” was the opening piece for the musical. It began with Harry Potter singing solo as he complains about the Dursley’s only to go to Diagon Alley where every Hogwarts student ever seems to be. Since the characters did not have any microphones it made it difficult to hear…

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