Analysis Of ' A Life Beyond ' Do What You Love ' Essay example

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Doing What You Have To: An Analysis of “A Life Beyond ‘Do What You Love’”
It is ingrained in many young children to follow their dreams and to make career choices based on those dreams, but sometimes that is not always possible. Gordon Marino, an award-winning professor, brings light to this subject in an essay that he wrote and that the New York Times published. In his piece, Marino argues that it is not always wise to do what one loves. Marino persuades his audience to consider the possibility that doing what one might hate for the “greater good”, is more important than doing what we love. He builds his argument through anecdotes in the essay that confirm his credibility, appeal to the readers’ sympathy, and he creates hypophora’s to build his audiences’ curiosity.
Marino incorporates many rhetorical devices in his essay to make his argument a success. One of the first devices Marino uses is an anecdote. In this anecdote, Marino talks about a particular student that he advises; and Marino explains that the student is unsure if he should follow a more streamline career path as a doctor or a professor, or if he should follow his passion for comedy (Page 1, Para.1). By applying this anecdote, Marino uses his own personal experience as an advisor to help his readers relate to the struggles most students face when choosing a career. Later in his essay, Marino uses another powerful anecdote to describe how young adults in poor neighborhoods work odd jobs to help provide for…

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