Psychedelic Film Analysis

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A Glimpse into Psychedelic Films and their Development from 1961-2011 Runtime (48:42) Laura Bluhm

Psychedelic films are most widely known for consisting of a series of images in which take on form of each other and provide a distorted reality for the viewer. One of the many intentions of a psychedelic film is to emphasize on the imagery, which is put together as a sequence to disrupt the viewer 's understanding of a normal reality. The films used in this screening focus on and uses surrealism and intense object disfiguration, while incorporating a variety of bright colors in order to reach unthinkable outcomes. This screening focuses on Psychedelic films and how they changed between 1961-2011. Psychedelic films changed between 1961 and
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Their original song, The River was created in 2010. A lot of modern day advancements changed the way psychedelic films or music videos appeared. In this video the director is using real life video and combining it with the primary psychedelic imagery to alters the viewer 's reality. The director includes real video images of real life experiences such as nature ( rivers and mountains) and uses them in contrast to the surreal and altered experiences that flash between these scenes. This film is included in the program to make apparent the multiple changes occurring in modern day psychedelic film making, in comparison to those films in the …show more content…
This film begins by using real life video of recognizable experiences and using abstract moving images overlaying it to create art on something that is ordinary and familiar in the world. Previously the viewer could follow images side by side or if layered not over recognizable everyday life experiences. What 's unique about this film is that the viewer is following a specific object as well. This is film can also be described as Wall-painted animation which is psychedelic by making the environment surrounding come alive. This film is the last in the program and used for revealing the overall change between psychedelic films between 1961-2011. The major advancement in this film from the 60’s is transforming everyday landscapes into surrealistic environments and unexpected forms of

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