Essay about Analysis Of ' 12 Angry Men '

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Many people presume that courage is simply a person who accomplishes a grand feat rather than having the quality of mind that enables a person to face difficulty or danger without fear. However, true courage depends on the eyes of the beholder. Courage is many things. Slyly embodied in both reticent and vital characters, Harper Lee in To Kill a Mockingbird and Reginald Rose in 12 Angry Men both create a broad representation of courage. In both works of literature, the idea of courage that is being conveyed is the ability to do something that one knows is right or gracious, even though it is extremely difficult. Courage is not alway found in a Superman-like deed, but instead a smaller act that has just as much emphasis positive consequences towards another person whom it is done for. In the play, 12 Angry Men written by Reginald Rose, Juror 8 shows a great deal of courage when he votes innocent not to spite the other 11 jurors, but rather to enforce what he believes is right; he gives the defendant the benefit of the doubt and tries to prove the innocence of the accused. Juror 8 used his brain and common sense to place a vote. Later in the play, Juror 9 also votes innocent and is harshly criticised by the other 10 jurors. To their demanding questions, Juror 9 simply replies, “Well, it’s not easy to stand alone against the ridicule of others” (Rose, Act I, pg. 28) referring to how Juror 8 was courageous to stand up for what he believes is right. Throughout the play, Juror…

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