Fat Burning Research Paper

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10 Fat Burning Secrets Used by Elite Body Builders and Celebrities
It has been established that the best way to lose weight is to create a caloric deficit or negative energy balance. This means eating less, exercising or move more to lose weight. The opposite of this strategy is also true, if you want to gain weight you simply need to eat more and move or exercise less. Your body can burn more calories, if you maintain essential bodily functions and fuel your body movements. The rate at which calories are expended in the body is determined by a number of factors, including: Thermic effect of food, resting metabolic rate, Non-exercise activity thermogenesis, the adaptive component and Thermic effect of food. The resting metabolic rate is described
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A good quantity of calories is also burned when food is being digested. The thermic effect of food or the diet induced thermogenesis is the resulting increase in the metabolic rate during the digestion process. It is important to note that different kinds of micronutrients produce different thermic costs. The thermic effects of some of the most common micronutrients include fat 0 – 3%, protein 20 – 30% and carbs 4 – 6%. This means you can burn more calories if you a high or less amount of certain micronutrients. The adaptive component in weight loss can be described as all the small adjustments the body makes during dieting so as to burn low amount of calories. Since dieting is a form of starvation that is resisted by the body. The body will fight your dieting goals by burning low amounts of calories. The body does this by causing fatigue, reducing your resting metabolic rate and reducing the non-exercising activity thermogenesis by several calories. To overcome these challenges you need to create a caloric deficit by taking fewer calories and exercising more …show more content…
Most celebrities prefer exercise rout to expend their energy. This is an important strategy because research has shown that strength training and cardio can burn a good amount of body calories. The calories that can be burned through exercising can range from 800 calories per hour for endurance athletes to 300 calories per hour for the average person. Non-exercising activity thermogenesis is essentially the little movements you make throughout the day. These movements range from standing and tapping your feet to fidgeting and changing your posture. Although these exercises may not burn up many calories, at the end of the day it may add up to something. Studies have shown that you can burn up to 600 calories per day through this subconscious strategy. However non-exercising activity thermogenesis is mostly determined by genetics. You can hasten the pace of your weight loss by eating the right type and amount of food and following the right workout guide.

Below is a list of 10 weight loss secretes to help you burn fat, lose weight and stay lean.
1. Perform intervals of style resistance training workout
Style resistance training workout or circuit training can help you burn twice as much calories compared to regular exercises. Good examples of resistance training include; kettlebells, calisthenics and using weights. You can also perform these workouts using the equipments found in the gym such as dumbbells and barbells.

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