Personal Narrative: Now I Know Better

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Now I Know Better

On a Thursday year of 2015, I realized making people laugh isn’t as good as it seems in certain situations. After school, my mom and siblings decided that we should go to the park, to hang out with some friends. It was a good weather to go, not too cold and not too hot, so I didn’t refuse. As we got there, me and my older sister, Sondos, wanted to go for a walk near the fountains because we got bored from sitting down and wanted to see the ducklings swim around the fountains. The fountains went really high and would splash you. After sitting there for about five to ten minutes we started walking again. My sister, Sondos, felt like her hijab, a headscarf, was undone and wanted to fix it. At the park, the restrooms don’t
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Again, the nurses are doing there job very well too.
The doctor came in and applied the numbing spray in her mouth so he can use his creepy, long utensils on her. It seemed like it hurt her when he touched the pin and tried to take it out because she started to groan in pain. After three to five tries, he gave up and insisted that he need to a surgery because he’s unable to get the pin out. After hearing that I thought to myself that I might lose my sister and that it’s all my fault. Like, why did I have to remind her of the inside joke, but man it was funny. Not funny now, because Sondos is dying!!
The surgery went fine, an hour later the doctor returned and showed us the pin that was in her throat and asked us if we wanted to keep it. Mom 's response was “NO,” but in my head I thought, why not, good memory huh? The doctor then asked to keep it because out of all the patients he’s had, this one is very special and bizarre. They brought Sondos out and said to us she can not speak for a week or so, so her throat heals better. The way from the hospital to our house she wouldn’t keep her mouth shut! Waw sister, you’re doing your job too, very, I mean, VERY well. Now I know and learned and WILL never repeat making people laugh in certain situations. Especially this

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