Analysis : Nana 's ' Nana ' Essay

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In the novel “Nana”, Zola depicted a picture of naturalistic fictional word in which the character’s surrounding and social environment was described. Through the incidences happened on those characters, it lets us to figure out insights and beliefs about French Society in 19th century. The conflict between the religious mysticism and sensuality is the point of discussion in “Nana”. Sexual empowerment and desires were heavily emphasized in the novel as the sensorial images and descriptions regarding to those characters were portrayed. The reason I choose this topic is that Zola used a naturalistic way to depict the character’s life, unlike other literatures where the emotion of characters and idealism were artificially distorted by the narrator. Zola showed us the natural instinct of characters to satisfy the need of sexual desire and goods which formed from their upbringing and social environment. For example, the Nana’s face was described as “horrible death mask” and “ the reddish crust had overrun the mouth”[ Emile Zola , Nana. 425] the naturalistic depiction from the novel allows me to image and visualize the actual scene in a vivid way. Those characters ' attitudes towards sexuality changed in the social context. One of the characters, Count Muffat, his perspective towards the sexuality was greatly influenced by the seduction of Nana. He was no longer repressed by the social rules and norms, his desire was aroused by Nana and his pious attitude regarding…

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