Essay on Analysis : It 's No Surprise

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It’s no surprise. UbD is a tough concept to grasp. Understanding by Design forces the unit creator to design units backward. It is a completely different concept from what teachers know and learned in their teacher training. While change can be difficult, using UbD as a tool for curriculum design can be both beneficial and time saving for students and teachers alike.
For decades, teachers have been taught the textbook is the curriculum. Course and course work starts at the beginning of textbook and the goal is to get through as much of the textbook as possible by the end of the year. This teaching concept has left students with gaps in their learning and understanding and has forced them onward when skills may have not been mastered yet. And unfortunately, this kind of thinking and teaching still happens within the school systems today. UbD can help change that thinking from coverage to understanding.
What makes Understanding by Design easy to use is the fact that it is not lesson planning; it is unit planning. Teachers do not need to plan out every minute and every lesson exactly. I feel that type of planning is outdated and frankly tiresome. Many schools and administrators require teachers to turn in their lesson plans for the week. Teachers are already responsible for a multitude of things in their classrooms and with more and more responsibilities being given to them, typing out a lesson plan should be the last thing they worry about. With that in mind, I do believe…

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