Influence Of Technology On Art

Unit Title: I know my emotions!
Subject/Content Area: Art
Unit Standards: Please see the Appendix-I
Essential understanding: Student will understand:
• technology is a tool to reach information
Objectives: Students will be able to
• discuss their ideas about artwork
• apply technology as a tool and substitution for pen and paper
• experience the process of creating a video

In this part, I will utilize technology in substitution, augmentation and modification level. The main reason, I wanted to utilize mainly substitution level considering the level of competence of kindergarten students is in entrance level. On the other hand, I am aware of that young children even learn how to code, but I do not personally
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Where do we keep our artwork?
This activity is a teacher directed research, considering doing a research might be difficult for the kindergarteners. In this activity teacher will ask questions discuss about artworks and lead a research by using the technology in substitution level. The Q1, Q2 and Q3 are for the discussion to pave the road for research, the Q4, Q5 and Q6 are for leading the research, which the teacher will use a smart board or white screen to reflect her screen on the laptop.
1. Where do we keep the all prominent art works? (hoping that children’s answer will be museum)
2. Can you tell me why do we keep prominent artworks in museums?
3. What would happen if we wanted to go to a museum? Or how we can visit a museum?
4. What are the number of museums in our home town? (Google search)
5. How far the museum from out school? (Google Maps)
6. What are the visiting hours for this museum? (Museum web page)
During this activity, teacher keeps notes on Microsoft on the one part of the screen to set an example that we can use technology to take notes instead of pen and
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As I have seen from my four years old niece, the young children are surprisingly good at utilizing smart phones or tables independently. Therefore, most of the activities are independent studies. I really enjoyed while creating these activities, especially the activity is called “Destination Modern Art” my favorite. I even suggested it to some of my friends, who are English Language teachers in my country. I think the green little alien in this interactive game will trigger the interest of children. In addition, the information about artwork and artist are clear, precise and appropriate for the young children. The drawing activity is a good chance for them express themselves in creative way with a different tool. Most importantly, shooting a video is not also entertaining, but also help children to express themselves creatively. I think all activities are might even use to teach discipline skills. This unit started with concept of emotions, change, and behavior. Then it continued with art activities, which I think it was inevitable. Since I think are is the product of our emotions or influence our emotions. The students are work as whole group or mii groups in the part A and B. In part C, independent activities creates a balance on the whole unit

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