Analysis : Cafe La Maze Essay

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Café La Maze is a restaurant in National City where people can enjoy great food and live music every night. They offer a variety of music genres and even have karaoke nights. I attended their Jazz night, which hosted the Jazz band Burnett 's Bliss. Burnett Anderson is the leader of the band, vocalist and horn player; his fellow band members are, Lynn Willard on the keyboards, Ronnie Stewart on the drums, and Robert Sebastian on the guitar. The band members are very friendly and helpful. After my friends and I were seated at a table, the guitarist approached us and offer to provide us a list of the musicians and the title of the first song of the show. I then proceeded to ask for the program, but he then told us that they did not have a program settled because the music pieces are decided at random and a lot of times it is just improvisation, or as he stated "it is part of jazz to improvise".
The first song and one of the only two songs that were mentioned by name was Girl from Ipanema. It started with a soft and slow tempo that became more fast over time. The initial melody had syncopation that made you want to dance slowly side to side; it was quite a slow romantic song. The drums kept a steady soft 3/3 beat. After the initial melody, the vocalist started singing lyrics that incorporated the title of the song. His voice was a little hard to understand, at times it sounded as if he had a really thick accent or as if he was mumbling the lyrics. Even though it was difficult…

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