Essay on Analysing the Macro-Environment

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Macro-environment analysis of The Coffee Company for the Chai Latte powder product

The Coffee Company is 100% privately owned and operated company. It has been in operation since 1998 and has over 10 years experience in the coffee manufacturing market. The Coffee Company provides fresh roasted coffee to over 1000 food service customers across Australia and its retail products are available in leading Australian retailers. The Coffee Company plant is based in Moorabbin and uses market leading production methods to deliver consistent quality and flavour. The Coffee Company has sales offices in all the Australian capital cities. The current product range consist of coffee beans, ground coffee and liquid chocolates in a variety of
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The opportunity for The Coffee Company is to contain the unit costs of the Chai Latte powder to ensure that the product’s price and position mix still represents value for the target customer in the current market. This approach must be complementary to a marketing campaign that emphasizes a ‘little luxury at a small price’.

Natural Environment
The natural environment involves all the natural resources, such as raw materials or energy sources, needed by or affected by marketers. With major climate changes occurring due to global warming and with greater environmental awareness this factor is a significant issue for The Coffee Company to consider. The growing desire to protect the environment is having an impact on many industries along with a consumer preference for more environmentally friendly products and processes. These changes are having an affect on demand patterns and creating business opportunities.

Due to growing pollution awareness, consumers are concerned with the impact on the natural environment through the sustained use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. The over-use of high nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers has been proven to pollute ground water and waterways in addition; excessive pesticide use has damaged many species of insects and birds. The alternative is organic growing which is a form of growing plants, using only naturally occurring

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