An Week At The Crisis Center Essay

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• This week at the Crisis Center was a bit uneventful compared to the previous weeks since I have started. I participated in a Residential Emergency Shelter Check In on Thursday, September 15th with a client who had not had any previous contact with the agency. The client, Amy*, had recently been in abusive situation with her boyfriend and was seeking out a safe place to stay. The client completed the intake with a volunteer over the phone and was approved for shelter by an approval staff member. The client arrived at the shelter later that day. Upon her arrival, I asked if she had needed to use the restroom or have something to eat. She explained that she was very hungry, so I introduced her to the clients making dinner and told her that I will check her in when she was finished. The client and I went into the boardroom in order to provide a quiet and confidential place to complete the check in. I introduced myself and explained that I was an intern at the agency. I soon realized that explaining that I was an intern might have been a mistake. I went through the procedural paperwork required to be completed during a check in. This paperwork consists of confidentiality forms, a computer lab contract, a linen contract, a chore and house rules description booklet, a list of who to talk to for a variety of certain issues, and a form of basic demographics to identify the client by. Throughout the process, I noticed that Amy* seemed a bit incoherent to the situation.…

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