An Unforgettable Day - Original Writing Essay

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An Unforgettable Day
I never would have guessed, to be honest, but who could have? I doubt even she had fully thought it through herself. Her mind would have been like a black canvas with a speck of white emerging for the corner. It’s not like it was her fault, as she wouldn’t have been thinking about anything else and I understand that. However, while half the world would be sympathetic towards her, the other half would find it to be too selfish to fathom. I find it to be far from an act of greed but a situation where someone innocently forgot about the people around them. Their belief of the great care that their loved ones have for them is clouded by the little belief they have in themselves.
Angie. It’s short for Angela, meaning ‘Angel’, which is what I suppose she is now. It didn’t have to be this way though. It shouldn’t be this way at all. If only she had realised what was going on and what inevitably would have happened. So her mother’s cooking dinner, as her father simply sits reading his newspaper without a care in the world. Her brother and sister are sat in their own homes, with their children playing by the warm fire on the bleak January morning. The decorations are hanging by their last threads in each of the homes, trying to keep the Christmas spirit for as long as they can handle. The frost on the ground is as crisp as the air while her best friend strides with excitement to her house. Without hesitation, she knocks. No answer. She doesn’t panic because she…

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