An Reader With A Real Time View Of Criminal Processing Essay

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Courtroom 302 provides the reader with a real time view of criminal processing. Steve Bogira begins this work from the earliest moment that a person is entered into the criminal justice system, the arrest. Bogira then takes the reader on a step by step reading tour of criminal processing, following alleged offenders as they progress through the system. Bogira introduces the reader to every character that he follows, sharing with them a background of the character, perhaps in an attempt to garner understanding of the character to the offender. He adds little personal opinion of the characters that may work to bias the reader, he instead simply gives the biographical information and small supporting details. The supporting details are given so that the manner in which the views of justice system and those employed within it may be understood. Among the first characters he introduces are the policemen that form the guard force of the Cook County Jail. These men are employed by the Cook County Sheriff’s office, who relatively speaking do not conduct themselves in a manner that will win them a meritorious citation but perhaps instead a letter of reprimand. The officers of Cook County Jail are cold and callous to the inmates they ridicule them and take no interest in the concerns that are risen by inmates. The inmate to officer ratio is substantial leading to a need for officers to be firm in their stance and unable (or some unwilling) to show any form of compassion or…

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