An Overview On Healthy Eating Essay

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Culminating Assignment
Mandeep Bhamra

1. Provide an overview of this person’s current state of “healthy eating”.

Akama is living a very unhealthy lifestyle, and his eating habits are a big testament to that. The primary culprit seems to be his employment at a fast food burger restaurant. He “often eats at work” which is a dangerous habit to get into, especially at a fast food place. His mother is also sick, and sometimes cannot get out of bed the whole day. This would definitely limit the amount of home cooked meals that he eats, and probably forces him to eat out most nights. His family also never eats traditional meals, which if he did, might contribute to a better overall lifestyle. He gets 40% of his daily calorie intake from fats, which is way above the recommended daily intake of 20% for adults. He only gets 8% of his calories from proteins, which should be 15-35%. You can clearly see the imbalance of food.

2. Provide an overview of this person’s current state of “physical health”.

Akama lives a very sedentary lifestyle. Coupled with his bad eating habits and love for video games, it has caused his weight to skyrocket. Having an endomorph body shape also does not help his cause. His favourite activity seems to be playing video games.

3. Provide an overview of this person’s current “sense of self”.

Akama 's sense of self is not horrible, but he could definitely do with a confidence boost. He has few friends in school, and his only close friend is his next door…

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