An Organization From The Perspectives Of Both Machine And Organism

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Metaphors allow the human mind to expand, grow and be creative. This has profound implications on how an individual think, reasoned and theorized. Similarly, for organizations, the realization of growth is salient, thus, ontogeny requires adaptations and innovations. This paper analyzes the personnel dilemma in an organization from the perspectives of both machine and organism.
The State Department of Education has over 50 sections and divisions that provide programs for public schools and higher learning institutions. In an effort to reorganize the department of education, a planning commission was established with an understanding that an additional secretarial position would be created to perform the secretarial duties for the commission. Barbara White, a clerical supervisor, was charged with developing and announcing the new position without guidance from managements. A set of qualifications were negotiated, approved and a secretary grade I classification was created. Dr. Jordan, who was in charge of the commission staffing, along with Ms. White interviewed and hired Edith Reichel. Reichel was less experienced, but was hired based on Jordan’s sympathy for her as a single mother of two. Reichel struggled early on, created a backlog, and compounded the workload for other administrative staff. Ms. White reported the performance issues to Dr. Jordan, but it was dismissed and no corrective actions were initiated. As a result of Reichel’s incompetency,…

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