An Observation Of The Classroom Essay examples

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To build or not to build? That is the question. Blocks remain one of the most important toys for children to use in order to develop critical skills for school and for life. Through block play children learn quite a few concepts such as: science, math, reading and writing skills and also cooperation and reasoning. It’s hard to believe these concepts are absorbed by just playing with blocks. But children learn science when they experience gravity as their blocks fall. They also learn the use of simple machines as they build ramps to their buildings. Some of the math skills taught through block play include counting, and comparison of length and width. Also through block play, children understand the importance of sequence, which is an important early reading skill. Last but not least children learn cooperation and sharing as they work together with other classmates during their play. In this paper there will be an observation of levels of play of the four boys in the block video including their individual development: how the environment/ area was set up in the video including what I would do to the environment to help facilitate enhanced play skills and other developmental skills; what could have been done in the classroom to help extend this child-directed activity; any observed activities from the video that do no align with best practices. After observing the video with the four boys playing with the blocks. I observed that Ted and Adam are participating in cooperative…

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