An Observation Of A Personality Scientist Essay

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Observations about people around you are made each and every day and whether the observations are intentional or not, the findings of this data help to show and interpret the general personality of that person. We are unconsciously observing as we are performing actions, having conversations and living our daily lives but yet we are different from ones whose profession is to constantly observed humanistic behaviors and analyze why these behaviors are occurring. While an everyday human might see that observational data is the only type of information needed in basis to analyzing or finding out about one 's general personality, professional personality scientists would say otherwise. For a personality scientist, one must formulate their ideas in detail at which they are able to objectively test the idea with scientific methods and theories(Cervone & Pervin,2013). Beginning an observation must be started by first having a theory in place, when one has a theory they are then able to think of methods in which they the theory can be proven. Within a personality scientist test, there involves a careful process of finding out which method would be best in gathering data and would come with the least risky assumptions that could alter the data. As stated early in the paper, everyone is unconsciously and consciously observing others around them and I admit that I have done it quite often. In the beginning of university, being a freshmen can be difficult and frustrating for…

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