An Non Brazilian Advertising Agency Essay

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An accredited Brazilian advertising agency known as Propague created its own spoof-style rendition of a Coca-Cola print ad in January 2001. The advertisement uses several different appeals to logic and emotion in order to address the harmful ingredients and effects of Coca-Cola. The reader or viewer of the advertisement initially notices the signature Coca-Cola red background color, which is used to immediately grab his or her attention because of its vivid, eye-catching shade. Once the reader is drawn into the advertisement, he or she also notices the small, plain white text outlined in the Coca-Cola bottle shape in the center of the ad. The white-colored text is used in many Coca-Cola advertisements, so this ad seems familiar and recognizable to the reader. However, the white text is normally white script. The ad uses the plain white text to stress the content of the text rather than focusing on the appearance of the text. The bottle shape is located in the middle of the ad because it is meant to be the next thing the reader sees after the background color. Within the outline of text are the first few words written in bold reading “You would never drink a product,” and the last few words within the outline written in bold read “had it not been for advertising.” The author suggests that people buy this product—no matter how harmful it actually is—because of the advertising and marketing schemes used to sell the product to consumers, which in turn influences the way…

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