An Israeli Woman Who Suffers From Insomnia Helps Therapy From A Counselor With A Terminal Brain Tumor

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An Israeli woman who suffers from insomnia seeks therapy from a counselor with a terminal brain tumor as they both confront their inner fears.
NAOMI is a dramatic, character-drive journey of self-discovery and healing inspired by true events.
This absorbing drama features two strong female protagonists. Naomi and Ruth. It’s refreshing to see two complex and likable women drive the story.
Each woman struggles with their inner fears and overcomes them. It’s a story that should be told, as it would make for a gripping and moving, poignant tale.
The plot is driven more by the inner conflict and goal of both women rather than by their external goal. There are solid themes about grieving, healing, fear, forgiving, and hope. It’s a story about learning to move on and forgiving one’s self.
There’s no doubt that the highpoint of this script is the presentation of both women. Both Naomi and Ruth are extremely intricate and intriguing women. It takes no effort to like and root for them.
Given the plotline of the story and the emotional range of each woman, there characters can attract talent. Both women are presented as being believable and realistic. Moreover, the women both undergo a compelling character transformation, as they come to terms with their past and their fears. The stakes for both of them are physical, psychological, and personal.
What makes this a compelling story is the idea that both women are struggling with psychological issues and solid…

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