An Investigation Of Parenting Style And Risk Essay

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Protocol Title: An Investigation of Parenting Style and Risk: A Domain-Specific Approach
Principal Investigator: Jasmine Gaffney
1. Objectives
Describe the purpose, specific aims, and hypothesis:
The purpose of this study is to investigate a potential relationship between parenting style and risk. Three distinct parenting styles to include authoritative, authoritarian, and permissive will be examined. Two perspectives of risk, risk-taking and risk-perception, will also be examined. This will be done using two self-report measures. Specifically, the Domain-Specific Risk-Taking Scale (DOSPERT) will be used to measure individual differences in risk attitude in five content domains: financial decisions, health/safety, recreational, ethical, and social decisions. The DOSPERT uses a Likert-type scale to assess risk attitude through the risk perception, or the likelihood of engaging in risky behaviors within the domain, risk-perception, or the perception of the magnitude of risk associated with each behavior, and the expected benefits from each behavior. Furthermore, the Parental Authority Questionnaire (PAQ) will be used to assess for the parenting style (e.g., authoritarian, permissive, authoritative) experienced by participants.

Six hypotheses were developed for this study: (1) Authoritarian parenting style will negatively correlate with risk-taking. (2) Permissive parenting style will positively correlate with risk-taking. (3) Authoritarian parenting style will positively…

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