Essay on An Internship Experience Has Been A Blessing

1158 Words Nov 17th, 2015 null Page
This internship experience has been a blessing. I have learned discipleship, work ethic, honor and respect. I have gotten to see and partake in the behind scenes of children 's ministry. The pastors I follow have done their up most to help me learn. They have taught me that in ministry I have to maintain teach ability and patience. They taught me to be punctual. In ministry, you can never have enough time to prepare. People respected me for keeping up with where I was supposed to be. They saw me as dependable. It will help my career path and social life. I learned that I do not have to be afraid to ask questions or fail. I was taught to learn from the failure and keep moving forward. I learned it is better to ask a question than risk a mistake. When you make mistakes it can effect everyone not just yourself. No matter the job position I was put in whether watching children or building a set. I did my best with the job given. I worked hard until the job got done. I learned no work goes unnoticed in ministry. While being in several different areas in my internship it helped me discover my skill set. What I am good at and I love. Nothing brings me greater joy than to give the glory to my Father. He is the reason I am here. I discovered you are never alone. Someone will always be there when you need them for a question, guidance and authority. I have become even more thankful when I sit in a service because now I know what goes into it. I have learned to rest in the Lord.…

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