An Insightful Adventure At The End Of A Road Trip Essay

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An Insightful Adventure
At the end of a road trip/journey, young adults are reminded of whom they are and what shapes them by doing the activities they are most interested in during a trip of helping a friend move away to a different state. School has just ended; it’s a beautiful summer day when suddenly a call from a friend leads me the next day in a car for a road trip. Bringing a book, drawing utensils and a camera to pass the time thinking I probably won’t need to use it at all. Not knowing that this trip would end up being very eventful like a car breaking down in the middle of a very hot day on my way home. Many people have different artistic tastes that help them, identify them as a person. My artistic tastes in reading, drawing, and photography has taught me to be patient, adventurous, and calm.
First, reading taught me to be patient in the different situations I happen to get myself into. Ever since I was really young I’ve enjoyed reading, it’s always been one of my favorite pastimes. Whenever bored or impatient for an event that was about to happen or for something else entirely my parents would hand me a book in order to distract me so I wouldn’t be so impatient all the time. Then ending up being engrossed in reading that book I would forget what was happening around me and where I even was at in that moment. One could be talking to me and I wouldn’t even notice it’d be like they were talking to a tree. I would spend hours reading until someone tried really hard…

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