An Informative Speech : We Were Assigned A Republican Candidate

1444 Words Nov 4th, 2015 6 Pages
For our informative speech, we were assigned a Republican candidate. I received Donald Trump. We were to present the person in an unbiased manner that would be free from persuasion. When researching and presenting, I focused on more than just his political stance because Trump is a celebrity, rather than a politician, or businessperson like the other candidates (albeit him also being a businessperson). I discussed his early life, his personal life, his career as a businessman and writer, as well as his political views. After watching my presentation, I closely watched the use of my eyes, and patterns of voice. It was difficult to observe, but I noticed my eyes were primarily focused on the audience and I tried to make eye contact with everyone. At times of pause, however, my eyes would wander nervously so I could gather my thoughts. Next, I listened for the way I used my voice during my speech. I tend to keep a single tone (though not necessarily monotonous) throughout all of my speeches, usually because I am nervous. My nervousness can be seen in my rate of speech, as a few times I started speaking quickly and then fell back to a normal pace. Overall I tried to talk more quickly than usual because I had a lot of material to present in a short amount of time. With that, my volume appeared to be appropriate, but also kept at a single level throughout. I have a soft voice (though when I hear myself while speaking, it sounds as if I am talking loud enough), so naturally my…

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