An Impossible Dream Essay

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An Impossible Dream Family has always been important in America. Families everywhere want to have a perfect marriage, parenthood, and life as it is shown on television. Even though they desired being perfect, what most don’t see is that marriage, parenthood, and having a family is not as dreamy as television shows made it out to be. As times have changed, so has the view of the American family. Homosexual couples are more common along with divorced couples. Instead of a household with two parents and kids, some kids are raised by a single parent. The American family that everyone wishes to be is an impossible dream. To say the least, the average family isn’t average anymore. In “The Changing American Families” Angier says that, “the average American family ‘has become as multilayered and full of surprises as a holiday turducken” (Angier, 1). When a family settles into an average suburban area, they will observe almost every sort of family combination. From a single parent household across the street to an interracial couple living next door. It is beginning to be more common to see a neighborhood with families that are not built the same. A great example of the changes families have had over the years is through television shows. In the 1950s, Leave it to Beaver was a very popular television show that perfectly depicted the modern family image. The mother worked around the house cleaning and cooking while the father went off to work. Their youngest, Theodore,…

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