An Important Part Of Any Guitar Player Essay

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An important part of any guitar player’s career is to properly tend to their guitar. Each time a guitar is tuned the strings stretch. The stretching of the strings eventually wears out the strings to the point where they cannot stay in tune anymore. Once this happens it is time to restring the guitar.In order to change the strings on an electric guitar that features a floyd rose type bridge, one must gather the tools and supplies, thread the strings and apply the necessary slack, and finally tune the guitar. Before beginning the stringing process, one must first gather the tools and supplies necessary to perform the task.The tools needed to perform a guitar restringing are a pack of electric guitar strings of your choice, a towel or cloth to clean the body and neck of the guitar, a pair of pliers to cut the metal ball at the end of the strings, a stable table or surface, an alan wrench to loosen the screws at the top of the neck, and a guitar tuner to tune the guitar. It is important to note that when picking guitar strings one must pick strings that are of the correct gauge and are meant for an electric guitar. If strings are chosen that are not of the correct gauge, extra stress is placed on the neck which can cause the neck to warp over time. After gathering the necessary tools and supplies it is time to begin the process of cleaning and stringing the guitar. Before threading the strings onto a guitar, one must first remove the strings. This is done by taking an…

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