An Experiment With A Few Of My Friends Essay

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To further research this topic, I decided to do an experiment with a few of my friends. One day after school, I gathered about ten students of each gender, a total of twenty students, and I had them play a number of sports for me. We would first begin by playing a short five minute game of soccer, while the genders were separate, and then once that match was over, I mixed the two genders together on the same team, and made them play another five minute match. I continued to do this with two other sports, hockey, and then volleyball. I used my, as well as my sister’s camera to film the whole experiment to further analyze their play styles.
When I got home to watch the videos I took, I looked at a number of things that was different in their play style that may have been a result of combining the two genders:
- I began by looking at how much they enjoyed playing the sports.
- I looked at how intense and aggressive they were when they played, and how involved they were during the matches.
- I looked at how many times they would pass or shoot a ball, to see if maybe it affects their confidence while with the ball.
- I looked at how close they would play to one another; if they were aggressive no matter who their opponent was, or if they kept their distance and were more careful.
- I also looked at how aroused/ motivated they would get, and maybe that would affect their play style as well.
I found my results to be quite similar to my expectations. Let me begin by talking…

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