Essay about An Evaluation Of An Agency

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Module 1 Quiz
1) Briefly describe an agency (or an example of an agency) within each of the following sectors (1) Voluntary organization, (2) Private partner and (3) Public sector.
Voluntary organizations are non-profit organizations (many faith-based), that focus on the needs of the victims. They help by “...alleviating survivor stress by providing such items as food, shelter, housing, and mental health services...” (Phillips, Neal, & Webb, 2012, p. 24). One such organization is the Humane Society of the United States. The Humane Society of the United States focuses on helping animals; whether from rescuing them from abuse homes or training people on everyday pet care, they are there. During disasters, this organization plays a vital role in helping with the animals. Animals are going to be everywhere and need to be in safe location. Also, animals are going to be extremely stressed from the disaster; this society will know how to handle them. They can also help with providing shelter, medical care, food, etc. for the animals during the disaster.
The private sector is pretty much any entity that is not controlled directly by the state. Such entities include corporations, nongovernmental organizations, private banks, etc. Anyone from the private sector can participate in a disaster; for example, a construction company.
While mainly focused on profit, a construction company can provide valuable resources and equipment. They will be able to, for example, to provide equipment…

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