An Entry Level Financial Advisor At A Prestigious Financial Institution

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After receiving an education from Poole College of Management, I hope to seek employment as an entry-level financial advisor at a prestigious financial institution such as Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo or Morgan Stanley. Afterwards, I would work for my dream employer Deloitte who are located in the Duke Energy Building in Charlotte, NC. As a consultant for Deloitte, I want to be able to travel around the country because I enjoy experiencing new cultures and interacting with people face to face. Similar to every successful professional and business owner I will have my ups and downs, but I have to power my way through the adversity. I have to push myself to the top, where I worked for everything I have dreamed about. I can have the dream corner office with the best view, great co-workers and I can retire happily. Hopefully as an experienced business professional, I will be able to mentor young entry-level workers and mold them into a skilled worker for Deloitte. When I retire at a reasonable age, I hope I can establish an honorable reputation off my North Carolina State University degree, allowing me to become an important board member on non-profit organization and corporations around my local community and around the United States. I want to be able to be a volunteer and hold a leadership position for habitat for humanity because I love the affection they bring to my community. As I grow older, I know my life will revolve around my career, but hopefully I am…

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