An Effective Leader And Myself And The Mastery Standards Of The Ana

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I think it’s kind of incredible and also kind of freaky what you can find out about yourself after taking just one personality test. Most individuals probably have never thought of taking a personality test just to see how accurate it may be. I’m amazed at how answering a few questions that was developed by someone else could tell me so much about myself. The purpose of this paper is to explain the findings of my personal assessment, to identify and describe an effective leader, to discuss common characteristics between an effective leader and myself and the mastery standards of the ANA.
Personal Assessment Findings According to the Myers – Briggs Humanmetrics Jung Typology test, my personality results described me as an INFJ. The I is a moderate preference for Introversion over Extraversion at a (28%), (Humanmetrics Inc. 1998 - 2016). The N is a marginal or no preference of Intuition over Sensing at (3%), (Humanmetrics Inc. 1998 - 2016). The F is a moderate preference of Feeling over Thinking at (47%), (Humanmetrics Inc.1998 - 2016). Lastly, the J is a moderate preference of Judging over Perceiving at (44%), (Humanmetrics Inc.1998 - 2016).
I would have to say that this test was actually very accurate when it came to describing me. I wouldn’t say that I’m a shy individual, but I do feel more comfortable keeping to myself. I like to have time to make decisions, so I plan in advance. I can be very intense and passionate about things and tend to keep lots of my…

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