Example Of Leadership Assessment

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Leadership Assessment
Having an awareness of your leadership characteristics, style and skills are a very important part in the process of becoming an effective leader. Authentic leadership, path-goal theory, and skills approach are the three areas that can help me grow as a leader. The assessment tools used provides various areas of measurements that include self-awareness, internalized moral perspective, balanced processing, relational transparency, style, and skills. The assessments can provide me with data needed to improve my skills and style of leadership.
The authentic leadership assessment has four categories, they are rated as high = 16 – 20 and low = 15 and below. In self-awareness, I scored a 17 which is on the high scale. According
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This score suggests that I have a human element to my management qualities and that I support and respect the employees to treat them as equals. I used this method in previous management positions to empower employees to learn more than just their jobs to help them advance their careers. I always believed to measure the success of a manager, a person should look at how many people that manager has developed into management. I scored a 22 in participative leadership which is described as consulting with others on their opinions. This is an area of weakness for me and this assessment provides the data on my areas I need to improve my leadership …show more content…
According to (Northouse, 2016, p. 44) “skills are what leaders can accomplish” The skill inventory categories are technical skills, human skills, and conceptual skills. I scored a 27 in technical skills, which is high. I think that leaders and managers should know how to do the job of their followers or employees. This skill is important in a middle level of management because its hands on. My score for human skill is 20, it in the moderate range. Although it’s in the moderate range there is room for improvement. I feel that I need to work on being more sensitive to the needs of those that I lead. I want to be able to create a work environment that provides the needed support my employees need. My conceptual skill score is 22, this is also in the moderate range. As a leader being able to form ideas and strategic plans can help any company survive during hard

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