An Early Pregnancy Is No Fairy Tale Essay example

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Advertising is a form of communication that focuses on a certain topic without sounding too needy or annoying. The ad “An Early Pregnancy is No Fairy Tale” conveys a message to control and stop teen pregnancy. This advertisement represents the ironic story of Snow White and the seven dwarfs to indicate that early pregnancy can ruin a person’s dream of a fairy tale.
The advertisement is a picture of Snow White and her seven children representing the seven dwarfs. Instead of the traditional fairy tale where the princess lives happily ever after, this ad turns the innocent Snow White into a teen mom who is struggling to take care of her seven children without a handsome prince’s rescue. Snow White has a phone in one ear, a crying baby in one hand, and while cook eggs with the other. Her facial expression looks depressed and stressed out, which indicates how tough life can be for a teen mom.
The design uses a lot of brown and neutral tones, except for Snow White. The design wants Snow White to stand out, which is why she wears blue dress with a red headband. The design’s strategy is to draw the audience 's eyes to Snow White’s expression. The picture has an old vintage effect to make it look like the olden days and to match the fairy tale theme.
This ad has a lot of things going on. Each of the kids does their own thing and looks like a specific character in Snow White. There are four children on the countertop messing around while no one is watching them. One of the kid looks…

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