An Assignment On Union Organizing Campaigns Essay

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Assignment 5 During union organizing campaigns there are many various rules that need to be followed by the union and employer. Some of the rules that must be followed are, no-distribution or solicitation rule, communication, and the 24-hour rule. The no-distribution or solicitation rule is a rule that prohibits solicitation by any organization on company time or company property. Although during work hours’ employees can solicit to fellow workers on company premises only if it does not affect work or production. According to Fossum (2008), “the no solicitation rule does not apply to employees” (p. 170). Also union organizers may not solicit on quasi-property, such as shopping malls or parking lots (Fossum, 2008). The communication guideline lets the employer require employees to attend meetings on company premises during work to hear speeches/presentations opposing unions. Even though the employer has the power to require employees to attend mandatory meetings, they cannot promise employees new benefits if the union loses. However, the employer can point out that wages and benefits will be subject to negotiation. Another rule is the 24-hour rule, where unions or employers cannot hold a captive-audience presentation 24hours before the election.
Role that Best Suits me
I believe the role of informing all parting of legal rules regarding campaign organization will best suit me, because of my past experiences and current job. Currently as an air traffic controller at the…

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