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Summary of the Article
Most of the Americans feel that continuing studies in colleges is actually a financial burden for many of the families. There is lot of increase in the college fees as students prefer to discontinue after high school. But the article clarifies that passing out of college is worth better than just from high school as job opportunities and returns are better and the students can recover the college fee investment is less than 20 years of their work life (Daly & Bengali, 2014). The report provides a qualitative study in this respect computing the breakeven point of the college education investment and also considering the salaries of high school pass out student and also college pass out students.

The claims of the author
In the topics that discusses about that going to college is worth it, the author approves the statement that going to colleges and that too earn the degree after four years is a worth to invest for any of the average US student. The students of what they have investment in the annual tuition fees of the college which is about $20000 can get back at the age of 40 years. They can even get back the investment for recovering even less than 20 years. This is due to the fact that the investment made by the family members replays back at more dividend in the better salary lifelong. The author also goes on to say that there is a lot of difference of earning in comparing with a average student a college pass out and that of student who have…

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