An Anti War Anti Movement Essay

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Artist as individuals have the ability to create exciting things using everyday objects. Marcel Duchamp a French member of the dada movement, Rosalie Gascoigne a contemporary Australian (died in1999), El Anatsui a contemporary West African, and Fiona Hall a contemporary Australian, they are all artists who work with mundane materials to create phenomenal pieces of work. Artist create their works within the agencies of the world, their audience and artworks through their practice.We can interpret the above artist by examining the origins of Dadaism & Collage and to see how the facilitate the mundane into the extraordinary.

This notion is illuminated through the anti-war anti-movement Dadaism. Dadaism is an Anti War anti Art Movement, a nonsense word and a movement mocks artist + social conventions. It arose due to the deaths of so many casualties in the World War I and left society with outraged, betrayed, mortified and horrified. The death of so many casualties was caused by guns + trench warfare + mustard gas, that were all new inventions that changed war forever. For decades it was considered another of the Modernist movements. It was a negative reaction to violence and horrors that the world experienced post World War I. Data art is often ironic, nonsensical and satirical. It poked fun at the standard conventions of society and art. The works weren 't focused on making art aesthetically pleasing. Visual aesthetics usually came second to the initial thought and idea of…

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