An Anomaly Of A High School Student Essay

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I considered myself to be an anomaly of a high school student. Being a Latino Student, the odds were not in my favor that I was enrolled at a four-year institution. Furthermore, I differed greatly from tradition Latino students as I was 4th generation college student. I came from a college educated Latino family. Although most of my family was educated in Peru, many have since immigrated to the United States acquiring jobs that utilize their foreign college degrees. I attended a private Christian school from kindergarten through high school. This allowed me to be exposed to many things that traditionally other Latino would not have access to in public education. My private school taught and used methods of teaching that were fundamentally different than public schools. The knowledge offered by my educated family, as well as my primary and secondary education, influenced my ability to enroll at a 4-year university.
I came from a long line of medical health professionals on my mother side and business professionals on my father’s side of the family. My parents immigrated to the Texas from Peru in 1986. My father came to the United States under a scholarship so long as he received adequate grades in first semester English courses at Southwestern Adventist University. By his second semester he was an English tutor at the writing center at his university. My mother had already graduated from a nursing school in Peru and was working as a registered nurse. In order to practice…

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